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John Packer Launch New Collaboration with Sterling Musical Instruments

by Administrator 22. November 2010 10:47

THE world of lower brass will never be the same again thanks to a new collaboration between the manufacturers John Packer Musical Instruments and Sterling Musical Instruments.

John Packer Ltd has already established a reputation for innovation, following collaborations with Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, and Michael Rath Trombones. These two highly successful partnerships have been significant to the brass market, with many professional players and teachers turning to the JP range for their high performance at a moderate price.

With a new line of JP Sterling lower brass forthcoming, Sterling founder and accomplished musician Paul Riggett is confident this range will follow in the preceding success.

“I have been admiring the work that John Packer has been doing with Chinese manufacturing for some time; their collaborations with Smith-Watkins and Rath have truly raised the bar, developing them from a British company to an international company.

Rob asked for my help on a new range of lower brass that they were planning and I had no hesitation at accepting.”

Sterling Musical Instruments rapidly established itself in the brass band market in the UK and across the globe by producing high quality handmade instruments. Paul makes all his Sterling instruments in a small workshop in Bedford. This same attention to detail will take place with the new JP Sterling range; combining western techniques and materials with Chinese manufacture. Paul accompanied John Packer company director Rob Hanson to the John Packer factory in China in the first of a series of visits to give firsthand instructions to John Packer technicians how to make his instruments.

Rob Hanson said: “Paul’s enormous experience and skill in the manufacture and design of professional brass instruments is acknowledged worldwide and is now at the very heart of the JP/Sterling range of brass band instruments. While made in China, these instruments will be of professional standard.”

The new JP Sterling range will include a tenor, baritone, euphonium and tuba and will be classed as ‘3’ series. The JP '3' series incorporate sophisticated design elements, the highest standards of workmanship, the best materials and a performance level that would meet and excel the needs of a professional player. This new generation of instruments is setting new standards which were previously not available at these prices.

Models will include:

JP372 Sterling Tenor Horn
JP373 Sterling Baritone Horn (pictured left)
JP374 Sterling Euphonium
JP377 Sterling Tuba

For more information about the JP Sterling range, please contact the shop on 01823 282386 or email