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4BarsRest Review JP Rath Trombones

by Administrator 3. February 2011 11:07

WE'RE exceptionally proud of our JPRath collaboration trombones. Below you will find a link to a review that has been posted on the famous and authoritative 4BarsRest website.


The review has been written by Stephen Sykes who is very much a rising star in the trombone firmament and who is rapidly following in the impressive footsteps of his father Steve Sykes, the world renowned tuba player. Stephen won the BBC Radio 2 Young Brass Soloist competition in 2009 and took the awards for Best Soloist at the British Open and Brass in Concert.

In an extract of Steve's review he says: "John Packer's decision to team up with Michael Rath has been fully vindicated. These instruments are much more than just getting a well known manufacturer to 'lend' their name to be stamped on a cheap and cheerful product. Built in china, real care and attention to build quality and design has produced four excellent instruments - all the more remarkable given the price that are being sold at. What you get for your money are four very good instruments designed with the performer and their limitations, but especially their aspirations in mind."

For the full glowing review click here 

We believe this review reaffirms the confidence that we have in these fabulous trombones.

Anyone wanting to know more about this exciting range of instruments, can contact the John Packer Ltd brass department by emailing, or calling 01823 282836.