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John Packer Ltd launch the JP010CH Kinder Flute

by Administrator 13. April 2010 09:27

John Packer Ltd are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new flute on the student music scene. The JP010CH Kinder flute has been specifically designed with the young novice in mind.

We have looked closely at the requirements of the smaller player to design the perfect beginner flute. The JP010 flute is designed to help the very young flautist to make a start by making the instrument much more manageable. The keywork has been reduced so that all of the keywork that is unnecessary for the early stages has been removed. This also makes it very light and easy to balance. The remaining keys are aligned so that little hands can hold it comfortably. The curved headjoint brings everything closer to the player so that there is less need to stretch. The instrument needs no assembling, since it fits in the case in one piece.

Voila, the JP010CH is born! The JP010CH is ideal for young players, players on Suzuki method, or for those moving from the fife who aren't yet big enough for a standard size model.

The trill keys, E mechanism and Bb spatula key have been removed and the range has been reduced to low D instead of low C (Middle C). The body and mechanisms of the flute are silver-plated.

The flute comes with an internal gauze cloth, external polishing cloth and cleaning rod. Its case is strong and has a shoulder strap for convenience. There is an external pocket for cleaning materials and a reflective stripe for safety.

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If you would like to know any more about the JP010CH or give it a trial, please contact the shop on or call 01823 282386.