AMBIPOLY synthetic reeds

The 2nd generation of synthetic reed 

Silverstein - a company known for their innovative products - have produced reeds which they say will last for 6 months!

Made from a newly developed symphonic material, ALTA Ambipoly Reeds are more comparable to traditional cane reeds than to synthetic reeds. Due to their highly unique ability to absorb moisture like cane, ALTA Ambipoly reeds are capable of “learning” and conforming to the shape of the mouthpiece greatly improving the seal while projecting warm, even sound throughout the registers.

Just as you would for cane reeds, Ambipoly reeds require 2-3 minutes to soak moisture and 10-20 minutes to break-in before usage. The break-in period, called pairing process, is when the reed pairs itself to the shape of the mouthpiece and the player’s embouchure – it only needs to be done once in the beginning of its life. Highly precise cutting and chemical productions allow the reeds to be consistent in quality and strengths. This standard of consistency is especially vital to maintaining uninterrupted playability in extreme climates and altitudes.

Just like cane reeds, ALTA Ambipoly reeds can be customized and adjusted with a reed knife or sandpaper. They do not degrade over the course of use and do not suffer from the infamous ‘micro cracks’ or fraying commonly problematic for synthetic reeds. With the ALTA Ambipoly Reeds, players can benefit from the longevity of synthetic reeds without having to compromise for the cane-like full rounded sound.

  • Concert grade reed with a round and warm sound
  • Rich harmonics at any volume
  • Perfect and clear altissimo
  • Resembles the sound produced by cane reeds
  • Absorbs 2-3% of moisture
  • In order to reach a better sound, around 2 minutes of playing in is recommended
  • Similar to cane reeds, the reed breaks in during the first 30 minutes
  • Break-in is required only when using the reed for the first time. During this process, the internal structure of the reed will realign to your mouthpiece and embouchure.
  • Manufactured using precision chemical engineering, providing a high degree of consistency across all reeds
  • Reed can be modified with a reed knife or sandpaper
  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly food-grade materials

Optimized for chamber music and recital performances, with a dark, round, rich timbre and superbly balanced tonal profile. Primo delivers a compact, supple, and intimate playing experience with balanced resistance and control.

Silverstein Ambipoly Alta Primo Clarinet Reed

Designed for a quick and free-blowing response with a vibrant and lively tonal profile, vivace is ideal for the soloist, orchestral or jazz player. Projection and power, with warm and fluent altissimo.

Silverstein Ambipoly Alta Vivace Bb Clarinet Reed

Oboe Standard
The new Ambipoly Oboe reed from Silverstein Works is the new 2nd generation of synthetic Oboe reed. Featuring a European cut with amazing response, the Ambipoly Oboe reed is durable, adjustable and consistent.

This new model offers excellent projection across the whole range of the instrument. After a very quick initial wetting the reed will last more than 5 hours without drying. In terms of overall use Silverstein suggest the reed can last for more than 12 months without any structural/internal degradation. 

Interestingly these Ambipoly Oboe reeds can also be adjusted in the same way you would a cane reed. For example you can use a reed knife or sandpaper to make fine adjustments to the strength and response to suit your specific needs.

The reed is made of a food-grade Ambipolymer, the most advanced symphonic material that is also Eco-Friendly. The material ensures amazing consistency and therefore no pitch change in any climate, no micro cracks, and designed to play the same way time after time.

  • Made of a food-grade and Eco-Friendly Ambipolymer
  • Can last for 12+ months with standard use
  • Extremely durable and consistent
  • Can be adjusted just like a cane reed
  • Powerful and full projection
  • Available in Med Soft / Medium / Med Hard

Silverstein Ambipoly Alta Oboe Reed