Instrument Check Up

This is the traditional ‘put the instrument in to working order’ type of repair and includes:

* Ensuring that all pads are sealing properly

* Replacing worn/broken corks/felts

* Ensuring that the adjustment is correct between linked keys

* Checking and adjusting, if necessary, the fitting of the joints

* Giving the instrument a dust off and general clean

* Oiling the keywork and mechanisms where appropriate

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General Service

Includes the work of a Thorough Check, plus:

* The instrument is totally stripped down and polished

* Pad sealing is checked and adjusted replacing worn/broken corks/felts

* Keywork is refitted

* Dents and scratches are removed as far as possible

* The old oil is fully removed and the keys are re-oiled and adjusted

* The instrument is fully balanced and adjusted where necessary

On corked instruments
Joint corks are fitted and replaced as necessary

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Overhaul & Rebuild

This is over and above the work of a ‘general service’ and involves putting the instrument back, as far as possible, to ‘as new’ condition. Includes the work of a general service, plus:

* The instrument is totally disassembled

* End play (longways mechanism movement) is removed from the keywork

* All pads are replaced including corks/felts

* On corked instruments, joints are fully re-corked

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