Warranty Information

This procedure applies to the return of goods purchased from John Packer Ltd. whilst under the guarantee period specified by the manufacturer of the product.  We are bound by their decision in all cases.

  1. If you find a fault in a product purchased from John Packer Ltd. and wish to make a claim within the guarantee period, you must be in possession of your proof of purchase which should show the name of the purchaser (in the case of an instrument) along with an invoice number and date.
  2. If it is an instrument, please call our workshop on 01823 338517 and outline the problem with one of our technicians.  
  3. If it is an accessory, please call 01823 282386 and speak with one of our retail sales staff.
  4. If necessary, we would normally arrange for the product to come back to the workshop in Wellington for assessment by a technician or retail staff member at our cost.
  5. Once it is back with us we would then contact you to discuss the repair or replacement according to our/the manufacturer’s assessment and confirm that the product is still within the guarantee period.  If it is found to be outside that period, the customer would be advised of the cost of repair or replacement to include the resulting carriage costs.

Please be aware that the above procedure is dependent on the following:

  1. The goods have not been subject to wear and tear from ordinary use.
  2. The goods were checked immediately upon delivery with the customer for any transit damage.  We cannot make a claim with our courier later than 24 hours after the goods are delivered.
  3.  No other person outside John Packer Ltd. has repaired or attempted to repair the product.  This will render any guarantee null and void.
  4. Any manufacturing defect does not relate to a cosmetic or finish fault (including silver plate or lacquer issues) as these may not be covered by the normal warranty. 
  5. The products have not been subject to abuse, mishandling, used beyond the limits specified by the manufacturer and the customer has complied with any technical instructions for use of the products including those relating to maintenance and care.
  6. The product has not been altered by the customer and any fault in the product has not been caused by use of accessories or replacement parts which were not original components of the product.
  7. Any repair or replacement of a defective product will not renew or prolong your guarantee beyond the original period.
  8. We reserve the right to reduce our liability accordingly if delay in advising us of the fault has compounded the defect.
  9. The products were purchased directly from John Packer Ltd. and not via a third party marketplace such as Amazon or eBay.
  10. The product was not pre-owned by a client and sold by us on their behalf.  These products are not included in our normal warranty cover.