Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS)

The AIPS allows instruments to be purchased EX VAT via most UK state schools. All UK schools, including academies are eligible but must be VAT registered. To take advantage of the AIPS, students must be full-time education and receiving music tuition.

Why Purchase via the AIPS?

- Save the 20% VAT charge when purchasing an instrument.
- The AIPS can be combined with our popular instrument hire scheme

How much will it cost?

To calculate the Ex VAT cost of your instrument, divide the cost of the instrument inclusive of VAT by 1.2. E.g. JP011 Flute costs £142 Inc VAT (£142 / 1.2 = £118.33 EX VAT).

How to purchase via the AIPS

  1. Select a suitable instrument for purchase
  2. Request your School Music Department place an official order with us on your behalf
  3. Pay the EX VAT amount to the school for your selected instrument
  4. Your instrument will be delivered free of charge to your school for you to collect
  5. We will invoice your school who can then reclaim the VAT