From our customers

Thank you for all the help that you gave me on the telephone. I ordered the flute head from you yesterday and couldn't believe it when the postman handed me the parcel today. Thank you so much - I thought that this kind of customer service didn't exist any more!

Fiona West
Yamaha Silver Flute Head

Over the decades I have had a few C trumpets.None of the big name brands quite stack up to the 152 Silver plated John Packer model.Not only does it look good, it sounds simply stunning and plays very easily.You cannot beat this trumpet for the price. I was expecting to fork out a grand for a standard C and John Packer came up trumps! Brilliant instrument, great price.

Tom Davison
Trumpet ion C 152

After 18 months of trying to learn the trombone I'd been given as a surprise birthday present, the spit valve sheared off the slide - I contacted John Packer and told them what had happened. By return, I had received an offer of a new slide as my original had obviously been faulty. It arrived just days later, beautifully packed, and they arranged for the old one to be taken back to them. I cannot thank them enough - such a lovely surprise to be treated so well, and it has restored my faith in human nature! So thank you, Ian, for going the extra mile!

Alison Brooks

I just wanted to write to say thank you to Tom who was super helpful last Saturday. My 14 year old son has been playing trumpet for quite a while but has been struggling with some technical issues, we wondered if this was due to the trumpet or mouthpiece. Tom spent time with him and listened to understand the problem, he helped us choose a mouthpiece and allowed him to try and picollo trumpet (which he has wanted to try for ages!).

Tom worked out a lot of his issue is confidence and he was great at rebuilding his confidence. We left with a new mouthpiece (very slightly larger than his old one) and a renewed confidence in his playing. He has practiced all weekend, far more than for months and his playing sounds fabulous. It is really important to have musical role models for teenagers and Tom certainly helped to inspire my son again.

I can't thank Tom enough for taking the time with him and supporting him. Fantastic service.

Lisa Brown
Trumpet mouthpiece

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to the shop and staff! I was in hiring a Flugel earlier on (which is wonderful by the way) and the incredibly helpful staff member who sorted that out was brilliant :-) I had my son with me and he was entranced by the shop and, again, the member of staff was really great with him! We're incredibly lucky to have such a great shop in the area - I will be back soon.

JP175 Bb Flugel Horn In Lacquer

Alice was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when we were looking to buy a new clarinet for my daughter to use at University. There was no hard sell and we were allowed to play 8 or 9 different clarinets over about an hour. We received excellent service and my daughter is really pleased with her instrument. When she wants to buy her Baritone Saxophone we will be back.

Carl Thomas
Buffet R13 Clarinet

Just great - great products, great service, great people.

Yamaha YFL211IDII C Flute E Mechanism

Throughout my teenage years as a budding woodwind musician, I would often visit John Packer for flute repairs, purchase of a Noblet 'keyed' clarinet and my beloved solid silver Pearl flute which was bought for me when I was 13 years old just prior to taking my grade 8 examination. I am now in my 40's and although I decided not to follow a career in music, it has remained my love and now my own daughter is playing my flute and it sounds just as sweet and pure. A search for a flute case cover came up with your name and website, and I was thrilled that you're still giving such wonderful service and dedication. I used to love watching you in the workshop, the smells and sounds are as clear to me now as 30+ years ago. Thank you John Packer for all the advice, care and wonderful memories. Although I live in Kent, I will be ordering future supplies from you once again.

NuBoo Flute Leather Case Cover in Black for C Flute

I'm teaching about 20 kids and adults on a weekly basis and I always recommends your horns to them. Because in my experience they sound good, tune good and are worth their pennies!. My saxophone arouses a lot of questions from my colleagues all over europe and I always tell them that I love this saxophone and been using it instead of the Selmer.

JP245 Alto Saxophone Eb in Lacquer

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for the excellent service we received this morning from both Gary in the workshop and Andy in sales. Your time, as well as professional and helpful input, was much appreciated. Thank you.

Buffet B12 BC2540-2-0 Bb Clarinet

I called the company on Monday afternoon with an issue with my sons saxophone case. Got through easily and spoke to Andy who was extremely helpful, we spoke about the problem, which they sorted out immediately!! It was replaced by Wednesday afternoon!!! they also didn't have to it was very much goodwill on there behalf!! I highly recommend this company, the customer service I received was first class from start to finish. Many thanks Andy amazing service!!!

Rachel Morgan
saxophone case

Very efficient and thorough service. A wonderful instrument - pure artistry.

James Short
LSmith Watkins Professional K2 Bb Silver Plated Cornet

I spoke to Steve about the requirements for my daughter who plays a JP251 SW trumpet and wanted a cornet. Steve advised me in detail on the differences of various models (I'm no musician) and advised that he had one advertised on the web. Knowing how much she loves her trumpet, I took the plunge and bought the cornet sight unseen. I knew i was right to do so, It is everything Steve said it was and she loves it. She's now on the hunt for a flugel...

Peter Armitage
Cornet JP271 in Silver

We visited the shop after speaking to Steve for my son to try out the JP Tubas. He played the JP277 and the JP377 and decided he liked the 377 better, simply because he’s tall and the lead pipe height was more comfortable for him. Steve was attentive as always, taking time to discuss the differences between them and to explain the best cleaning method to me, despite there being a mini-rush on brass customers at the time. We also needed to speak to Steve about Flugel Horns for my music student daughter who already has a JP trumpet and cornet, but who couldn’t be with us. He gave us a full explanation of the stock and the second hand ones and we decided on one of the second hand ones, a Getzen, which she instantly fell in love with. My daughter later phoned Steve to ask a few questions and he spent a long time on the phone with her explaining technical details. Once again Steve has shown his depth of knowledge on brass instruments (he spoke about trumpets, cornets, flugels and tubas in the hour we spent in the shop) and answered any and all questions and told a few anecdotes along the way. Fantastic job, well done Steve.

Peter Armitage
JP377 Tuba (and Flugel)

The sopranino was delivered safely as promised last Monday and I am delighted with it. It has already had its first outing, on a gig yesterday in Cardiff. Andy, your service was first class, thank you.

Yanagisawa SN981 Sopranino Saxophone

Just wanted to ask you you to pass on our thanks to Alice for her help and advice on Saturday. We received excellent service and my daughter is really pleased with her new mouthpiece and ligature.

Clarinet Mouthpieces

Today's visit to JP was a very enlightening experience. Andy patiently and expertly made my day. His knowledge across all musical styles is amazing. He can make you feel at ease and is always interested in helping you to improve your standard with practical tips, explained in a way I can comprehend. He has advised me through my clarinet playing journey in selecting firstly a better quality instrument and later to achieve more satisfaction in my tone with a different mouthpiece.

I decided in 2015 to learn Saxpohone. Andy advised me to start on Alto as I found the weight and size of the Tenor I tried too great a challenge. The workshop staff gave my clarinet a thorough MOT at reasonable cost at this time.

Feeling more confidant now, I took home with me my new pet! A Tenor. Also Andy selected six better quality Alto mouthpieces to try.The improvement was amazing!!! I was spoilt for choice.

Hopefully in the a few months with perseverance and a little LUCK, I will be back looking for a further upgrade.

Best Wishes (I've run out of superlatives)

Melvyn John Sergeant
JP142 Tenor Saxophone

As a London based freelance clarinettist I was looking for the perfect deal in order to purchase a bass clarinet. With the help of Andy in the woodwind dept. that dream was realised. Thank you Andy and the team for your exceptional service! Highly recommended!

Peter Cigleris
Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet (low C)

This instrument is really good quality. It give a rich sound, the keys feel responsive and well balanced, it plays the lowest notes with equal ease to the highest! The price of the JP243 is great but the quality is absolutely superb. I am very pleased I bought this beautiful sax - blue abalone pearl keys and a fantastic sound. What more could you ask?

I play it with a Selmer Concept mouthpiece, a Vandoren leather ligature and no.3 Vandoren V12 Bflat clarinet reeds (yes, really, Clarinet reeds give darker sounds)

JP243 Soprano Saxophone

I've just bought a 2nd hand Selmer alto sax through John Packer. This involved trying out 2 instruments for a week or so for comparison purposes. The service was great (esp Jean & Andy, who dealt with my queries) and help was on hand all the way through. It's such a pleasure dealing with a business like this - I live a few hundred miles away but it was like having them round the corner. Thoroughly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable, honest specialist music shop.

Secondhand Selmer Paris Alto Sax (Lg Bore 1931) in Silverplate

Dear Matt,

On behalf of Wells City band I would like to express our thanks to you for serving us so ably last Tuesday, 4th July. You took a lot of trouble to sort out our needs, deal with our hilarity and generally be of assistance to us. We had a good time in the shop and came away as very satisfied customers.

The Tuba has been played by Jean on several occasions since, including a concert, and she enjoys the sound.

Angela Humphries
John Packer JP077 Eb Tuba

Although I had many years as a musician under my belt, I took up brass playing as my new year's resolution 2016 and thus needed a cornet. Steve patiently took me through all the second hand models and I settled on a Courtois Chambord II after being allowed to sit in the practice room, uninterrupted, to try them all out. A year and a half later, completely hooked on brass, I went into the shop after a trumpet. Even more patient than on my original visit, Steve (assisted by Tom the tuba player - on only his second day at work in the shop) explained the pros and cons of all trumpets which were available in my price range and I am now the proud owner of a Yamaha 3-series trumpet plus wah-wah mute. Thank you Steve and Tom for helping me find out I could do something I never thought possible. Mariachi here I come (although possibly with the mute out) . . .

Victoria Osborne
Yamaha 3-series trumpet

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Steve for his help and advice . The service was great from start to finish and the quality of the instrument for the price is superb. Long gone are the days where you had to pay megga money to get a cornet that was so heavy that it gave me neck problems. The cornet is light , good build quailty with great valve action and triggers . It has an easy blowing feel which is great for all people.What more do you need

Thank you

Martin Smith ....St Johns Ambulance Brass Band.

John Packer 271 Brass cornet

I would just like to say how happy I was with the customer service we received from Tom recently. We bought a new trumpet for my son, who is 12. We had a lovely time trying lots of different makes. Tom was so kind and gentle to my son and really encouraging and very knowledgeable about the stock. We ended up with the XO - which is an absolutely fabulous instrument, and have been so impressed with it in the few weeks he has had it.

Brass enquiry

one of the Safest and Valuable Buys I have ever Made. It is my first Horn that comes in my Posession , it is better than I hoped for.It came to me Safe all the way from the UK to Greece, mr Steve who is a Professional Horn Player helped me Before and After the Sale. He sent me Pictures and Videos where he Showed me the Potentials of the Instrument . Even better, it is much Better Up Close!

Thank you so much, for this Professional tool - there is much to hope for , in my musical development.

Your trully,Mamalis SpirosHornist and

Mamalis Spiros
Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Double Horn

I ordered on a Thursday morning, it arrived Friday afternoon, uperquick delivery, thank you!
I had already seen Jonathan Pippin's you tube review recommending this instrument and I can confirm that it is excellent value for money. I am a bass trombonist but I do also play 1st in a concert wind band so was looking for a large bore tenor without spending a fortune specifically for that. The instrument is so easy to play with a nice full sound and appears well made. The slide did need a good clean to get it moving freely but is great now.
At £461 (Feb 2023) with free next day delivery .this is excellent value, thoroughly recommended.

Martin Bland
JP 133 large boretenor trombone Bb and F

Having recently de-corked my ancient Vandoren V2 Crystal mouthpiece which I have owned for over 35 years, I needed to find myself a replacement sooner rather than later as I was helping out at an upcoming concert. I phoned up to ask for some advice and was told that Alice (the woodwind expert) was in a meeting but if I left my number, she would call me back once she was free. Within a couple of hours, Alice did call me back and talked me through which of the Pomerico mouthpieces would be the most suitable compared to my original Vandoren V2 and so I bought the Ruby at a cost of £135.

Previously, I had managed to find the very same mouthpiece on another site at a slightly lower cost but because Alice had taken the time & effort to call me back (as promised) and answer my questions, I didn't hesitate in buying the mouthpiece.
I ordered online and it arrived very quickly and I am so pleased with it. If I need any future accessories or advice, I will definitely be calling John Packer
- 5*****

Katherine Fairbrother
Pomerico Crystal Ruby Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

I am writing to thank you for my utterly fantastic cornet, it is near perfect condition and I simply can’t believe it is like my first ever instrument from 1972; it sounds terrific.

I am so grateful that whoever must have serviced it prior to delivery made an amazing job, the valves and slides are spot on.

Thanks again I am delighted and the whole ordering, delivery and price have been outstanding from your company.

Pre owned Imperial Cornet

Dear John Packer and co,
I am writing to say that I am absolutely delighted with my purchase from your range of products. As a retired French horn player, and a teacher of brass instruments, I am very pleased with my purchase of your mini French horn. It is beautifully made, and has a beautiful sound, and the mouthpiece supplied with it is perfect for my very forgotten embouchure.I have dealt with your firm since the 1970’s, and am delighted to continue to trade with you.

My recent purchase from you