Cutting It Fine - The Azumi S Cut

While we've been stocking Azumi flutes for a number of years now, we often get enquiries about the difference between their Z model and S model. So here's a definitive explanation... 

Azumi produce two series of flute: 

The ‘Z’ series – AZ-Z1, AZ-Z2 and AZ-Z3 

  • ‘AZ’ stands for Azumi
  • The second ‘Z’ stands for ‘Z’ cut (square) embouchure hole
  • '1' stands for silver lip, '2' for silver headjoint and '3' for silver headjoint and body/footjoint tube

The ‘S’ series – AZ-S2 and AZ-S3 

  • As above except ‘S’ stands for ‘S’ cut (oval) embouchure hole
  • The headjoint (and body/footjoint tube on the AZ-S3) is made in .958 Britannia rather than .925 Sterling
  • The ‘S’ cut heads are the same design as those found on Altus flutes.

The Azumi Z heaqdjoint

Z Cut: free-blowing, responsive, easy

Azumi S cut headjoint

S Cut: open, warm, full sound

That’s the technical stuff. However, the practical difference for the performer is that the ‘S’ cut headjoints are very resonant, and typically reward those players who put a lot of air down their instrument. The difference is price is very small (even smaller for VAT free purchases).
There is a very tangible difference in performance so it is definitely recommended to try both models – they will capture two distinctly different types of player. Both varieties are also available with open holes. 

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