How to Clean a Woodwind Mouthpiece

Cleaning your woodwind mouthpiece should be part of a routine to keep your instrument clean, but it's easy to overlook...

What to do:

Soak the mouthpiece in luke warm water with a little washing up liquid to loosen any verdigris. It's important that the water isn't too warm as it can discolour mouthpieces.

Image of a woodwind mouthpiece brush.

Use a mouthpiece brush like the Helin Woodwind Mouthpiece brush above to remove any visible debris. Be gentle with the brush, so as not to damage the mouthpiece. 

You can go on to use a mouthpiece spray to disinfect the mouthpiece, or even soak in a Milton solution.

Rinse and leave to air dry.

It's advisable to clean your mouthpiece like this once a week, but you can keep mouthpieces hygienic on the go with mouthpiece sprays. Like hand sanitisers though, nothing is as good as using soap and water.

Keep it clean and avoid this...!

Yucky image of a woodwind mouthpiece


Watch how to on YouTube.