New Cor Anglais from Howarth

Howarth have produced a new Cor Anglais which replaces both their thumbplate and dual system S20 Cor Anglais.

While designed for the same student market as the previous S20, Howarth have recognised that younger and smaller musicians are wanting to play the Cor Anglais, and have designed a new model to address their needs.  The keys are all brought closer together, making it much more comfortable to play whether you're an adult, or child. 

The Howarth S30 is easy to play in all registers. And being lighter, adults can enjoy playing the cor without a sling.

Howarth only produce the Cor in conservatoire or dual system, so in the UK it will be widely a "dual" system instrument. This "dual" system allows the player to take advantage of alternative fingerings for some notes.

Other features of this instrument include:

  • Plateau keys
  • New design for a more comfortable reach for smaller hands
  • Available as Conservatoire system, or Conservatoire system with Thumbplate (Dual system)
  • Semi-automatic octave mechanism
  • Lined tenon sockets
  • Adjusting screws for C# and F#-G# link
  • Right hand C-D trill
  • Left hand F key

It is supplied in a single case with a crook and accessories. Other cases, including double cases which hold an oboe and a cor anglais, are available as cost options.

Close up of Cor Anglais

Close up of Cor Anglais

Close up of Cor Anglais