No more wasted reeds

Fix your reeds with ease...


Anyone who relies on a reed to play their woodwind instrument will know the frustration of a stuffy reed... 

Too many of these reeds get discarded, when with some often minor adjustments they can become a perfectly good reed. 

When you consider the cost of reeds, and how many you might use during your playing lifetime, investing in a nifty bit of kit could save you an awful lot of money - and frustration!


The "Simplest Method Eezee Reed fix" has everything you need to adjust your reeds on the go. Inside a compact case there is the following:

  • A glass plate to rest the reed on. 
  • Sanding block - pre-loaded with two different grades of abrasive.
  • 10 abrasives – pre-cut and folded to fit the block (one sheet can fix hundreds of reeds!) 
  • Spare reeds to practise on.
  • A small, V shaped plaque for quick adjustments while the reed is on the mouthpiece.
  • Sponge abrasive for reed finishing on the mouthpiece.
  • Reed tip trimmer* to correct reeds that have been over- sanded and become too soft.
  • Comprehensive simple to follow, picture and text EEZEE instructions.


Use the sample reeds to hone your technique!

The glass plate gives a solid surface to work on.

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The moulded block holds the two abrasives securely in place by the use of magnets.


We are not the only fans of the kit, a review in the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain magazine “Clarinet & Saxophone” by Chuck Currie said:
 “This compact gem is stuffed with great stuff……this is one of the finest gifts that British Clarinettist Leslie Craven could have given single – reed newcomers and experienced pros alike… can make finer adjustments and it is easy to develop your skills. It fits nicely in your gig bag too”


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