pInstruments - certified carbon neutral!

pInstruments - certified carbon neutral!

 With more and more customers making purchasing decisions based on green and ethical considerations, manufacturers producing anything plastic quickly come under scrutiny for their environmental credentials.

Warwick Music - the company behind the jolly coloured trumpets, cornet and trombones - naturally attract the limelight because their instruments are so eye-catching. However, they are also leading the way and attracting much positive attention for their approach to corporate responsibility.

The UK’s leading sustainability assessor and independent validator, Carbon Footprint, has rated Warwick Music Group and its instruments – that include pBone, pTrumpet, pCornet and pBuzz – as having net zero carbon dioxide emissions. The company – winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its innovation of its first instrument in plastic, pBone – is now the world’s largest producer of brass instruments manufactured in ABS plastic.

The company's instruments can be divisive from purists, but their enthusiasm and bold company ethos has done much to boost the number of brass musicians worldwide. The instruments play exceptionally well and are very easy to clean and maintain; a consideration in these times.

“Our goal has always been to make the joy of music accessible and fun. We chose to produce in plastic because it offers so many advantages over conventional methods. Not all plastic is bad plastic – we chose ABS because it is widely and easily recycled, is lightweight, has high tensile strength and scratch resistance. It is also available in a multitude of bright colours – but no matter the colour of the instrument, players and teachers can now be assured that our instruments are also the ‘green’ choice,” said Chris Fower, Director of Creativity and Innovation at Warwick Music Group.

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