Selmer Paris Clarinet day with Sarah Watts

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Selmer Paris Clarinet Day on Saturday, July 20th, at the John Packer Showroom!

Join us for a day dedicated to clarinet enthusiasts of all levels, featuring the immensely talented Selmer Paris artist, Sarah Watts. This event is free and open to everyone.

Here’s the schedule for this exciting day:

Morning: We will begin with an exclusive presentation for clarinet teachers.
Mid-Morning: Following the teacher presentation, we will host a Bass Clarinet workshop.
Lunch Break
Afternoon: The afternoon session will kick off with product testing led by Sarah Watts, followed by a comprehensive presentation from Selmer, including a Q&A session.
Mid-Afternoon: Participate in an engaging ensemble workshop.
Closing: The day will conclude with a special clarinet performance by Sarah Watts.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn, play, and connect with fellow clarinet players. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information, or to book your place, email

Time Table

10am - 10.45am : Exclusive teacher presentation

10.45am - 12pm : Bass Clarinet workshop

12pm - 1pm : Lunch

1pm - 2pm : Product testing with Sarah

2pm - 2.30pm : Selmer presentation and Q&A

2.30pm - 4pm : Ensemble workshop (Open to all clarinet voices)

4pm : Performance by Sarah