Try AMBIPOLY reeds Risk Free

Try AMBIPOLY reeds Risk Free

John Packer is proud to be an official dealer of AMBIPOLY synthetic reeds by Silverstein Works. Live too far away from our store?  Don’t have time to play our in-store AMBIPOLY reed demos? Now you can try AMBIPOLY and find the perfect reed for your setup without leaving home!


  • Order a new AMBIPOLY reed from us and receive it in the mail.
  • Take your time to try the reed on your setup.
  • If the reed strength or cut is not right for your setup, send it back within 14 days of receipt, in original new condition, and we will exchange for a different strength or cut. We will be happy to work with you to find the optimal AMBIPOLY for your setup! 

Produced by Silverstein Works, AMBIPOLY reeds offer many exceptional advantages to compete with cane and is a serious contender for demanding musicians. AMBIPOLY is a unique and proprietary water-absorbing, shape-memorizing, climate-independent symphonic material. The polymer was specially designed by Silverstein for its durability, consistency and longevity. These reeds play with a feel very familiar, like a great cane reed, and the sound production is a beautiful cane-like, concert grade sound. The reeds self-align with your mouthpiece facing and can even be adjusted* with standard reed tools.

AMBIPOLY is stable against the negative influence of environmental change, such as temperature, humidity, altitude and weather. The reeds are produced by double-injection moulding technology, which ensures incredible consistency.

Did we mention Silverstein’s unprecedented 6-Month Reed Life Guarantee? Every AMBIPOLY single reed is GUARANTEED to play consistently for 6 months, or Silverstein will replace it for FREE!

Our dedicated team of specialists are always happy to help, whatever your query. Our mission is to support musicians of all ages and standards. Please, get in touch with us.

*Please keep in mind that we cannot accept for return or exchange any reed which has been adjusted or worked on.

To view the range of Ambipoly reeds click HERE.


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