Valve Oil - Which one should I use? - by Tom Francombe

The list of different valve oils just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

I receive lots of questions asking which one should be bought, and the answer is not an easy one.

To be very honest, valve oil is down to personal preference at the end of the day, but certain oils have different qualities that would make them better for certain instruments.

Here’s a few below to have a look through and might give you a better understanding of which is right for you.

Denis Wick Valve Oil DW4930

  • Fast, long-lasting oil with a very silky feel
  • Microscopic particles of PTFE carry on lubricating long after other valve oils have evaporated
  • PTFE – the second-most slippery substance on earth
  • Formulation includes a special anti-evaporation agent
  • Works in virtually any temperature condition – very suitable for any Marching Band
  • Especially useful for tuba and euphonium players, and for trombonists using Thayer and other large valves, as there is no need for constant re-application due to evaporation

Image of a bottle of Denis Wick DW4930 valve oil

La Tromba Valve Oil

  • 3 different oils on offer
  • T1 Valve Oil with silicone. Suitable for Piston and Rotary valves. This is a hugely popular oil.
  • T2 Valve Oil. This is a high performance oil, a perfect all-rounder. Specially developed for Monel and Stainless Steel valves.
  • T3 Valve Oil. This is La Tromba’s thinnest oil. Ultra thin with the highest viscosity.

Ultra Pure Professional Valve Oil

  • Synthetic and Odourless
  • Long Lasting
  • Leaves no stains or build ups.
  • The Professional valve oil is the standard weight and is perfect for most instruments.
  • This style bottle has a child-resistant (push and turn) cap as required in the US and Europe.

Image of Ultra Pure valve oil

Blue Juice Valve Oil

  • Blue Juice Valve Oil is a light, fast, refined petroleum product.
  • Especially effective on close-tolerance musical instrument valves
  • What distinguishes Blue Juice valve oil-aside from its distinctive blue colouring-is that it delivers an anti-corrosion agent for extra protection.
  • Supplied in a clear 2 oz. bottle with new child proof cap and additional safety information label to meet EU requirements.

Image of Blue Juice valve oil

If you have any questions or queries about purchasing valve oil, and you are wondering which one is right for your instrument, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tom ( and he will be more than happy to answer any questions.