What are the most popular Yamaha Trumpets?

As one of the biggest names in woodwind and brass instruments, it should come as no surprise that Yamaha offer a huge range of trumpets designed to cater for musicians at every level. Here is a look at a few of the most popular Bb trumpets we stock here at John Packer Ltd.

Yamaha YTR2330 Bb Trumpet
Yamaha’s entry level trumpet is unsurprisingly one of the best available for beginners. The YTR2330 is widely recommended by music teachers and for good reason – whilst some beginner trumpets can be accused of being “stuffy”, the Yamaha is very free blowing and easy to play, helping to ensure good sounding notes to encourage younger learners!

Yamaha YTR4335G Bb Trumpet
Another trumpet strongly recommended by teachers, the YTR4335G is a fantastic intermediate trumpet, perfect for a player making their way upwards through their grade exams. A very popular choice, this model is a solid all round instrument, making it a great choice for developing musicians exploring new styles. I personally played on an older model YTR4335 during secondary school between grades 3-7, playing in both jazz and classical ensembles. To this day I still have this instrument as an ever reliable backup.

Yamaha 8310Z Bb Trumpet
Yamaha are a company who pride themselves on their instruments and relationship with professional musicians, and as such have worked with some of the biggest names in the business to design instruments. Trumpet giants such as Wayne Bergeron, Allen Vizzutti and Bobby Shew all have models designed by Yamaha, and the most popular and affordable of these are the Custom Z series trumpets developed with Bobby Shew.

Designed by Bobby Shew’s desire to create trumpets that could scream out a powerful lead line as well as play soft, mellow ballads, the Custom Z trumpets are particularly popular due to the lightweight and extremely free blowing design.

Yamaha Xeno YTR8335 Bb Trumpet
When it comes to professional trumpets, the market has historically been somewhat dominated by the Bach Stradivarius, but the Yamaha Xeno provides close competition – and for a lower price. This is an incredibly versatile trumpet, with its powerful, warm sound at home in pretty much any ensemble setting. Whilst the Bach Strad can be viewed as a classical trumpet and unlikely to be seen in a Big band, the Xeno’s versatility means you can be taking the same trumpet to all your rehearsals as opposed to breaking the bank on different horns to fit the sound you are after for each setting.

The YTR8335 is the standard all-round Xeno model, however, there are many Xeno trumpets available to fit the needs of any player. 

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