A Brief History of Adler


Franz Oscar Adler was a third-generation musical craftsman. Born in Hermsgrün, Saxony Germany, in 1862, both his father and his grandfather were musical-instrument makers.

Oscar Adler & Co. was founded by Franz in 1885, in the building that his father built in Markneukirchen – the main town of a small musical instrument-making region. Despite this combination residence/business headquarters still being home to the family’s musical instrument manufacturing business, Franz ran his Oscar Adler & Co. out of there for approximately 10 years.

At the turn of 20th century, Oscar Adler employed over 50 people in their plant and was the largest woodwind manufacturer in Germany. They were busy making clarinets, flutes, bassoons, oboes, and English horns. In 1901, they also began making saxophones.

Adler continue making high quality instruments in Markneukirchen, but are most notable now for their bassoons.


There is an Adler for every person, from beginner to pro – those with shorter hand spans, or not.


The Adler 1357 is a wonderful all round bassoon; and continues to be highly prized, new or secondhand. We love though, how Adler are always find new ways to innovate bassoon – with models accessible to smaller students.