A Brief History of B&S


B&S (short for “Brass and Signal) Instruments, have been making musical instruments for over 250 years in Markneukirchen, in the Vogtlandkreis region of Germany, renown for musical instrument manufacturing. The company started out as a maker of military signal instruments in the 1700’s. These instruments were used for drills, usually in the open air, and were primarily intended to be played while on horseback!

Today, the brand boasts a range of trumpets, trombones, and tuba models with specifications to meet the diverse needs of modern day professional and serious student musicians.

One thing that has remained unchanged throughout B&S’s history is an uncompromising commitment to old world techniques. Artisanship and hand craftsmanship are hallmarks of the B&S instrument-making legacy. If you are searching for an affordable trumpet the B&S Challenger is a serious contender for advancing and pro players.