A Brief History of Bam


Bam has been producing the high quality instrument cases on the French Atlantic Coast for more than 40 years, with a staggering 80,000 handmade cases produced each year. The very beginnings are owed to a free-spirited French couple, Laurence and Philippe de Trogoff. More than 40 years ago Philippe wanted to build a sailboat and noticed that the materials he was experimenting with had exactly the right properties to make a case for his cherished guitar: lightweight, yet extremely durable. The first prototype was built and became popular amongst his musician friends. This was followed by a patent application and the creation of the company with the name ‘BAM’, short for “Boîte-à-musique”, which translates to “music box”.

Some musicians even owe their lives to a BAM case. Back in 2011, a student at the Royal College of Music in London, was hit by a taxi while crossing the street. Miraculously, the musician walked away unscathed, owing his life to his BAM case absorbing the impact of the collision. His instrument was similarly undamaged.