A Brief History of Besson



Besson was formed in 1937 by Gustave Auguste Besson, who aged just 18, produced a wholly revolutionary design of cornet. His products quickly gained recognition and 20 years later he moved to England where he built a large factory in London to manufacture his instruments in addition to a facility in Paris.

Following Gustave Auguste Besson's death the French arm of the company changed its name to Fontaine-Besson in 1880, but continued to be known as Besson in England.

By 1894 their London factory of London employed 131 workers, producing 100 brass instruments a week. In 1948 it was taken over by the firm of Boosey & Hawkes, while Besson's business in France was acquired by Cousenon in 1957.

The name Besson is now synonymous with Brass Bands, and their range is highly sought after.