A Brief History of Brand Mouthpieces

Brand mouthpieces logo

Michael Brand – the inventor of the ‘Brand’ mouthpiece – spends his professional career in the plastics industry in Switzerland. As an enthusiastic trumpeter too, he decided to merge the two interests and set about creating what he hoped would be the very finest mouthpieces.

Selecting a unique plastic compound - which is biologically harmless, BPA free and Phthalate free - he worked with the patented TurboBore ‘rifled’ design to merge an exclusive material with an exclusive technology. The result is ‘Brand’ mouthpieces - some of the most powerful innovations in brass instruments for years.

Like the barrel of a gun which has a spiral pattern which aids the speed and accuracy of the bullet as it’s fired, the patented TurboBore technology employed by ‘Brand’ mouthpieces does essentially the same thing. Each mouthpiece has a specially spiralled airway that increases the energy of each blow into the instrument, meaning you get an overall fuller sound, with a real boost of performance in the higher registers.

The special composite material won’t fluctuate like metal in hot and cold weather, so they’re ideal for outdoor playing. Brand mouthpieces are also really easy to clean too!