A Brief History of Buffet


Buffet Crampon is the world market leader in the production of clarinets, and has a well-established reputation for innovation and quality. The company has a rich history going back to 1825 when the French instrument maker Denis Buffet Auger set up his workshop in the heart of Paris. His 13-key clarinets were well received in the musical community and he quickly made a name for himself. In 1836 Denis’ son Jean-Louis married Zoe Crampon and the famous Buffet Crampon name was born.

As the company has grown it has acquired formerly independent companies; Buffet manufacturers a wide range of woodwind and brass instruments in France and Germany under a variety of brand names. Brands with which we are most familiar include Rigoutat, Powell, Courtois, B&S, Hans Hoyer, Schreiber, Keilwerth and Besson.

Buffet are responsible for developing the Boehm system (initially devised for flute by Theobald Boehm) which is now the standard construction/configuration for clarinets. They also developed their own composite in 1994 in the form of Green LinE; reconstituted ebony that is more durable.