A Brief History of Conn Selmer


Conn-Selmer, Inc. is an American manufacturer of musical instruments for concert bands, marching bands and orchestras. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments and was formed in 2003 by combining the Steinway properties The Selmer Company and United Musical Instruments.

The company produces a large variety of instruments itself in various factories in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina and also through manufacturers in China.

While modern Conn-Selmer Saxophones bear little relation to either of their name manufacturers’ vintage saxes, they have created a very strong collection of horns for the amateur student market.

For a long period Conn-Selmer Saxophones were only distributed in the US, but are now sold into the European market and as such are commonly mistaken with Selmer Paris – an entirely other brand manufactured in Paris. At John Packer we stock the Conn-Selmer Premiere range; contenders for anyone looking for an upgrade from a student instrument or a first sax with room to grow.