A Brief History of Elkhart

Inspired by its namesake, the historic town of Elkhart, Indiana is an area renowned for brass and woodwind manufacturing in the USA. Created in the early 1990’s, the Elkhart range of student instruments provide excellent playability along with solid build quality and a durable finish all at an exceptional price point -making these instruments ideal for the budding musician.

The Elkhart brand is owned by Conn-Selmer, who own a number of other important brass bands, such as Conn, King and Vincent Bach. Developed in partnership with UK educators and the highest quality Conn-Selmer manufacturing partners in Eastern Asia, they have been able to integrate the valuable manufacturing experience from their historic brands such as Conn and Vincent Bach to bring a European focused, entry level range of brass and woodwind instruments to market.

With an ethos of continued development since Elkhart’s inception, the brand is dedicated to creating the best all round beginner instruments - providing an inspiring first step for every musician's journey.