A Brief History of Jo Ral


Trumpeter Joseph Alessi Sr came from a long line of musicians. Joseph was hungry for a mute that delivered impeccable sound and playability—so he founded the American mute brand, Jo-Ral. Jo-Ral mutes are designed to surpass the requirements of the ever-evolving music world, and improve the quality of sound for demanding musicians to further their careers.

Only the highest quality, hand-spun aluminium is used in the production of a Jo-Ral mute. Manufactured in the United States, each mute is tested to perform evenly across all registers, creating near-perfect intonation. Alternative copper and brass bases push the complexity even further—broadening the musician’s capabilities.

For over 30 years. Jo-Ral mutes have been proven worthy of some of the top tier musicians around the world; from symphonic band, orchestra, jazz groups, and studio session artists.