A Brief History of K & G


Kurun & Gilbert are the designers and manufacturers of a range of brass mouthpieces. Their design based on years of knowledge and experience, together with applied engineering principles ranging from fluid mechanics to acoustics.

Both Kurun and Gilbert are accomplished trombonists. While Kurun studied in UK music colleges, Gilbert studied engineering in Malta. This combined knowledge and passion has made the partnership most successful.

The combination of engineering principles together with different mouthpiece experiences, led to the creation of a range of mouthpieces with one aim; that of giving a totally new and positive experience to the brass player in terms of comfortability, effort and tone quality. The K&G mouthpiece features a number of innovations and improvements which help musicians during performance. These features are incorporated in all the parts of the mouthpiece including the rim, the cup, the shoulder, the throat and the backbore.

While the duos chosen instrument is trombone, their range now covers all common brass instruments.