A Brief History of Marigaux

Marigaux logo

For more than 85 years the name Marigaux has been synonymous with those of the greatest oboe players. Strasser Marigaux was founded by three associates: Mr Strasser, Mr Marigaux and Mr Lemaire, hence the abbreviation of the company, SML.

Strasser Marigaux began activity in Paris with the manufacture of saxophones and flutes. In parallel with this, they also began making oboes and clarinets at a workshop in La Couture Boussey, a village in Normandy, well-known centre of French wind instrument making.

In 1981 Strasser Mariguax abandoned the manufacture of all other instruments to devote itself entirely to the improvement of oboes and clarinets. Marigaux is a benchmark in the field of sound throughout the world. It is exported to over 60 countries and is played in the most renowned orchestras worldwide.