A Brief History of pBone / PTrumpet / pBuzz

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The manufacturers of this global range actually started out as a music publisher, formed by two trombonists, Simon Hogg and Steven Greenall. While the publishing arm of the company continues, the company’s now more widely known for their innovative products and dedication to music education.

As musicians, Simon and Steven were only too aware of the pitfalls of traditional bras instruments; heavy, costly, easily damaged, and often not suitable for small hands. Seeing a decline in traditional brass instruments they began exploring if it were possible to create a trombone from plastic. In 2010 they presented their first model, the pBone. Two years later it won “Best in Show” at the international music trade event, NAMM.

Following the warm reception to the pBone, the manufactures developed further models; the pTrumpet, pBuzz, the pCornet, and more recently, the hyTech – a hybrid trumpet.

The company has received multiple awards for their products and growth and was independently accredited as Carbon Neutral in 2020.

These instrument offer a legitimate alternative to traditional brass instruments. We find them most popular in early education circles, though the hybrid models are designed for the progressing student.