A Brief History of Rovner

Rovner Logo

The Rovner company was founded in 1974 by Phil Rovner, an American musician with a knack for problem solving. Phil drew on his professional experience in mechanical engineering, radar/microwave technology and acoustic technology to create a textile ligature – the Dark Ligature – to hold a reed in place. The extraordinary success of this ligature, encouraged Phil – who was also a professional musician – to continue experimentation, resulting in a range of ligatures, each with their own characteristics.

Phil retired from Rovner Products in 2014, selling the company to long-term friends, husband-and-wife George and Lynn Reeder. George similarly has experience in engineering, and Lynn with craft manufacturing and marketing.


Rovner products are trusted by all manner of single reed musicians. The competitive pricing means they are very accessible.


The original and best – Rover’s Dark ligature