A Brief History of Schreiber

Schreiber logo

Schreiber was founded by Wenzel Schreiber and his sons Hugo and Ernst in Nauheim near Groß-Gerau, Germany, in 1946. Initially they repaired woodwind instruments, until the early 1950s when they began manufacturing their own bassoons, clarinets and recorders, and later flutes.

The Schreiber brand proved popular in the US, for whom they made plastic clarinets and black bassoons.

In the 1980s Schreiber began production of oboes and Boehm clarinets, which were marketed under the Buffet Crampon brand.

In 1991 another production site was opened in Erlbach, a district of the musical instrument town of Markneukirchen (Germany, Vogtland).

In 2010 The Wenzel Schreiber and Julius Keilwerth brands were taken over by the Buffet Crampon company, which itself has a long tradition of building and selling instruments. All Schreiber clarinets and bassoons continue to be made in 100% in Germany.