A Brief History of Sterling

Sterling Musical Instruments logo

Sterling Musical Instruments has been manufacturing in the UK since 1987, producing brass instruments specifically aimed at the British style brass band.

By employing several Boosey & Hawkes craftsmen, the company was able to rapidly establish itself in the brass band market, producing hand built quality instruments. The next stage of development was to recognise the growing demand by musicians, that not everyone wanted the standard 'off the shelf' instrument. This has resulted in the development of the new 'Sterling Virtuoso Range', which allows musicians to design an instrument that best suits their needs and demands.

The founder and sole owner of Sterling, Paul Riggett (himself an accomplished brass musician), was previously Manufacturing Manager for Boosey & Hawkes Ltd before creating Sterling. As such, he has unequalled experience in the manufacture and design of professional brass instruments.

Paul Riggett has in recent years collaborated with John Packer Instruments to create a new range of low brass instruments, which have been similarly as well received.