A Brief History of Stomvi

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At the age of only 28, Vicente Honorato created his own company devoted to the manufacture of fine jewellery. At age 30 he embarked on his new passion: the production of fine brass instruments. His creative approach was endorsed early on by leading brass practitioners.

The hand crafting of each of Vicente Honorato’s Stomvi instruments benefits directly from Vicente Honorato’s wealth of experience in jewellery smithing. This continues a rich historical tradition that harks back to the 16th and 17th centuries in Nuremberg, when artisan jewellers and craftsmen turned their talents to the production of musical instruments in dedicated workshops.

Vicente Honorato is known for his keen musical ear and perfect pitch, which combined with his craftsman’s skills refined over long years impart in the instruments he creates a peerless tuning, without parallel.

In the sanctum of his Spanish factory in Xirivella, Valencia, Vincente receives regular visits from leading brass musicians. It is their feedback, insight and experience that helps to shape the future generations of Stomvi instruments.