A Brief History of Taylor

Taylor Trumpets Logo

Taylor Trumpets may be a relative newcomer to the trumpet history books, but the company's founder Andy Taylor has been in the music business for almost 45 years.

Armed with little more than a few GCSE’s and a keen interest in art, music and making things, Andy began his career as an apprentice brass musical instrument maker with the French horn manufacturers Paxman’s, in London.

After a number of years getting a broad training on instrument construction, and developing a keen interest in the theoretical, acoustical and design aspects of the instruments, Andy became involved in the prototyping of new models and the new ideas that Paxman’s was working on.

Then following a stint working as a professional musician and supplying bells to other brass instrument makers as ‘Bellman Brass’, Andy began building prototype trumpets to his own design. A meeting with an American instrument dealer heralded a turning point; not only in name, but also in design. Bellman brass trumpets became ‘Taylor’ with a new and distinctive styling, and a rich dark tone, which appealed to the American market.

Taylor trumpets are a popular choice for musicians wanting a big jazzy presence.