A Brief History of Uebel

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Friedrich Arthur Uebel (1888-1963) was the second son of Friedrich Gustav Ubel, himself a woodwind instrument maker in the instrument making region of Germany Markneukirchen.

After years of training F.Arthur began manufacturing his own clarinets in 1936 and one year later Uebel's clarinets and bass clarinets were award the "diplôme d'honneur” at the international world exhibition in Paris.

Ubel was considered the most important German clarinet-making workshop in the second third of the 20th century, with a first-class workforce of skilled workers and specialists. Clarinettists and university teachers such as Karl Schütte, Willy Schreinicke, Ewald Koch and Oskar Michallik were among the more famous F. Arthur Uebel artists of the time.

Uebel clarinets are now sold worldwide and are available in both German and French systems.