A Brief History of Vincent Bach

Vincent Bach logo

The history of Bach starts with a damaged mouthpiece. A century ago, the professional Viennese trumpeter Vincent Shrotenbach (stage name Vincent Bach) began experimenting with designs and manufacturing processes after his mouthpiece was ruined by a repairer while on tour in Pittsburgh.

Unable to find a suitable replacement Vincent – armed with a degree in Engineering - invested $300 for a foot-operated lathe so he could make his own mouthpieces.

His business grew rapidly and six years later the first Bach trumpets were produced in 1924. Musicians frequently referred to a Bach trumpet as a real ‘Stradivarius’, hence the name Bach Stradivarius.

In 1961, The Selmer Company acquired the Vincent Bach company, with Vincent himself staying on as a consultant until 1974. After moving to Elkhart in 1965, the majority of manufacturing was relocated to a former Buescher plant in Elkhart Indiana. Around 10 years later, production moved to the Conn factory where the corporate office of Conn Selmer is currently located. To this day, Vincent Bach instruments are made in Elkhart, using the same designs and techniques as before, albeit now under the premium brand “Bach Stradivarius”. While student-level “Bach” instruments are now manufactured in Eastlake, Ohio.