How to clean a brass mouthpiece

When was the last time you cleaned your mouthpiece? Be truthful now!... If you can't remember, then it's probably high-time you did it.

Personally I clean my mouthpiece every time I use it, this is because the thought of putting my mouthpiece back in the case where it can harbour germs, quite unsavoury!

For the purpose of this blog I have found a dirty mouthpiece from the depths of the brass department - not one of my own! 

Image of items used to clean a brass mouthpiece

This is all the equipment you need. Kitchen towel, a mouthpiece brush, silver-polishing cloth and a mouthpiece cleaner. 

Dirty brass mouthpiece.

Here is the mouthpiece in all its disgusting glory - when did it last get a clean? Looks like NEVER!

Image of a yucky brass moutpiece.

Would you want to put your mouth anywhere near this? I wouldn't!

Image of step 1 to clean a brass mouthpiece.

So firstly using the mouthpiece brush we're going to want to try and remove any of the dirt that flakes off easily with a brush under running water. Avoid using hot water so you don't burn yourself.

Cleaning a brass mouthpiece with brush and water.

You want to go both ways to be thorough.

Cleaning a brass mouthpiece with brush and water.

Mouthpiece brushes come in different sizes - this one is just right!

Step 2 of cleaning a brass mouthpiece.

Using paper towel give the mouthpiece a rough dry to get more of the filth off.

Cleaning the cup of a brass mouthpiece.

Hmm, still not putting my mouth anywhere near that rim!

Using the Roche-Thomas Mi-T-Mist on a brass mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece sprays contain alcohol so keep them away from children and read the instructions carefully. Spray on and then rub round with the paper towel again. This should remove all the debris. If it doesn't keep going with the previous steps!

Wiping down a brass mouthpiece as part of the cleaning process.

Assuming all the dirt is off, now is the time to put in some elbow grease. Using the silver polishing cloth start to gently rub around the mouthpiece. 

Final stages of cleaning a brass mouthpiece.

Silver polishing cloths have polish in them so as they clean the cloth becomes grey.

A clean brass mouthpiece.

Time well spent! This mouthpiece is gleaming now. I'd be more than happy to play on it now!

Image of a cleaned brass mouthpiece.

I hope you found this blog helpful. Remember if you get into the habit of cleaning your mouthpiece more often it won't take so long and be so difficult.

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This is guidance for brass instruments only. The steps for a woodwind mouthpiece may differ.