"Suitcase trumpet" anyone?

The John Packer JP159 pocket trumpet is essentially a standard Bb trumpet which has been redesigned down to a handy compact size and at under 10” it can easily be packed into a suitcase (we don't know anyone with pockets that big!) and taken on holiday so you can keep practising all Summer!

The JP159 comes supplied in a lightweight case with a 5C mouthpiece and is available in a range of wonderful colours including Red, Blue, White, Green, Black and also in traditional silver plate and lacquer finishes.

If an instrument is tightly wound it would generally have a stuffy feel when played however the JP159 has a large 4 ¾” bell which magically makes the instrument play very freely over the entire range.

The JP159 pocket trumpet can be purchased from our website below or pop in to our shop to try one out.