Trumpet Mutes

Buy a mute with a John Packer brand trumpet and get 10% off the mute.

Excludes pre-owned and ex-demo trumpets

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    85 products
    85 products
    YAMAHA SILENT Brass STJ Series - SB7J (Trumpet/Cornet)
    • The compact mute design allows for storage in the bell whilst in most cases. [NOT FLUGELHORN - PM6X]
    • The mute can be disassembled and stacked for compact storage. [EUPHONIUM+TUBA ONLY - PM2X/PM1X]
    • Includes an attachment for the mute to make it compatible with Bass Trombone, providing duel use for those who play both. [TROMBONE ONLY - PM5X-2]
    • A specially designed mini-microphone positioned in the mute is optimised for the best sound.
    • The mute is well-balanced, without adding substantial extra weight to the bell of the instrument.
    • A simple wired connection between the mute and the pack.
    • Optimised for personal practice, diverting your sound straight into your headphones.
    • 2 different Sound Modes - Player and Audience.
    • Player Mode offsets the 'muted' tone using your authentic playing sound, with left-right balancing for your headphones based on your position, to make the experience as natural and realistic as possible.
    • Audience Mode left-right balances and adds reverb to make the sound perfect from a listeners perspective, whether playing into a computer for a recording, or playing for your teacher in an online lesson.
    • Adjustable levels of reverb help to create a natural sound, what ever room you are (or might wish to be) playing in.
    • The Personal Studio pack can be set up for use with headphones whilst playing, or to play directly into your computer using micro USB.
    • Usable with the 'Rec'n'Share app', allowing you to play-along to audio tracks, make recordings to share online, with playback tempo adjustment and A-B section repeating.