John Packer JP374T Sterling Trigger Euphonium

SKU: 102518

This trigger version of the popular JP374 Sterling offers players easier and more ergonomic tuning with the addition of a 3rd tuning slide trigger.

John Packer JP374T Sterling Trigger Euphonium
John Packer JP374T Sterling Trigger Euphonium

John Packer JP374T Sterling Trigger Euphonium

SKU: 102518

This trigger version of the popular JP374 Sterling offers players easier and more ergonomic tuning with the addition of a 3rd tuning slide trigger.



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The JP374T Sterling is JP's flagship 4 valve fully compensating professional level Bb Euphonium.

Created in collaboration with Paul Riggett of Sterling Brass, the JP374T Sterling represents a fusion of professional level Sterling components and design with the affordability and durability normally associated with the JP brand.

Widely respected as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of brass instruments in the UK, Paul previously worked as a production manager at Boosey & Hawkes before creating Sterling Musical Instruments in 1987.

  • Constructed from high grade 80:20 brass throughout
  • Exclusively designed trademark Sterling leadpipe
  • 12" bell for superior sound projection
  • Easier and more ergonomic tuning with the addition of a tuning slide trigger
  • Fully compensating
  • 3+1 bottom sprung valve system enabling an alternative fingering system
  • Model: JP374T Sterling, JP374ST Sterling
  • Key: Bb
  • Bell Size: High Grade Brass 304.8mm (12”)
  • Valves: 4 Piston Valves
  • Bore: Large 15mm-16.8mm (.590”-.661”)
  • Water Keys: 3
  • Body: High Grade Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer (JP374T), Silver Plate (JP374ST)
  • Lyre Box: Yes

    The JP374T Sterling is supplied with a mouthpiece, Ultra-Pure maintenance kit and high quality JP Pro case. The case features a lightweight yet rigid fibreglass structure and soft internal padding including a seal-able compartment for storing small accessories and cleaning equipment. Backpack straps and an accessories kit are included as standard.

    All JP Instruments are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note this does not cover aesthetic or finish faults. For full terms & conditions visit the Warranty Page.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicholas Hunt

So the question many players will want to know , how dose it stand up against other Euphoniums?

Well I have been playing a band soveriegn , that’s around 20 years old, and frankly the JP 374 completely blows it away! I mean for the price the way it plays is absolutely astonishing !

It’s got a great case with plenty of storage for music ect, a double mouthpice pouch , and a cloth bag to protect the instrument, the silver plate is very good ( once you’ve cleaned all the nasty polish of from the factory) and it just has the feeling of a MUCH more expensive instrument, feels great to play wonderful full singing big euph sound, trigger works really well, the valves have just the correct feel to them, the only niggle is the slides where very very tight to get out on the compensating system , and the forth valve cap is stiff, and that’s it.
Is it worth the money ? DEFINITELY ! . Do they stand up against Yamaha and Besson ect, ABSOLUTELY! . I would have no hesitation in recommending this instrument, give it a try ! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised ! Why shell out £5500/£6500 ?

Stuart 18/03/20

Arrived well packed, intact and in a good quality modern but very sturdy case. The instrument was also in a protective burgundy coloured cloth bag with an embroidered 'JP' logo within the case. Mouthpiece, slide guard, spare plastic valve guides, lubricants and carry straps were inside the case too, well wrapped / bagged.
I've been playing a JP274 of late and the first thing I noted was the different height of the thumb / palm guard bridge behind the valves. The JP374 is higher which encourages me to use my finger tips. Not a bad thing really (as a returning player). I do not know the correct name of the bridge piece so forgive my lack of technical knowledge in the description. I do suffer from PMR so my dexterity isn't always that good some days but we will see how it goes. The lead pipe suits me just fine too as far as posture is concerned, sitting or standing. I am delighted with this instrument for the price and the service I received from JP .

Roger Fulcher
JP374ST Review

Just received my new JP374ST Euphonium, very happy with it, so much easier to play than my 18 year old Besson Prestige and intonation seems better.
So happy in fact that I have just ordered another one for my wife. What more can I say!

Ian Bartram
JP374ST Review

My new JP374ST arrived a few weeks ago very well packaged. Communications with JP were great: clear and helpful by 'phone and email.
On unpacking it my immediate impressions were that it is a fine looking instrument and heavier than any other euphonium I have held. There is serious metal in it! (80:20 copper:zinc brass). It is solidly constructed with high quality joints and stays. The silver finish is immaculate. It is now well played in after much practice and oiling of valves - good quality light valve oil and slide grease is supplied. I found more sonorous, fuller, darker sounds throughout the range with my usual DW Ultra 4 mouthpiece than with the mouthpiece supplied. The valves have very quick return action and are very quiet. The response is excellent in all registers and notes slot easily with the exception of high C# above treble clef stave which has always been a problem pitch for me - C and D are fine. Tuning is generally very good with the usual slight sharpness of higher F, F# and G - easily corrected with the well designed trigger. Low notes below the stave using 4th valve also need some trigger.
It's very "free blowing": a wide dynamic range is possible without any distortion and I've found quick articulations are clear and immediate in ALL registers.
In the (brass) bandroom it blends well with the other instruments but sails over the top when required in solo passages. I haven't tried it with a wind band yet but I anticipate it will blend well with clarinets, saxes and horns without dominating.
The case is well made and gives more than adequate protection without being too heavy.
In conclusion, the JP374ST is a pleasure to play and represents great value for the price. I am very satisfied with my new euphonium and can confidently recommend it.

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